Laughter Clubs

Laughter is the Best Medicine and Fun “Meetup” Group
Meetings held in Northampton and Holyoke, MA

 What Is a Laughter Club?
It’s a fluid  group of  people who enjoy laughing and want to take advantage of all the incredible benefits that laughter offers us- physically, emotionally and spiritually.   Laughter clubs meet on a regular basis.

Is there a Cost or a Commitment I have to Make?
NO! There is no commitment you need to make nor is there a cost.  Of course the more people who attend each session the better–since our collective energies make it even more fun!  While there is no cost donations are gratefully accepted.

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Is there a Club near Me?   

 Northampton, MA

Where: Held at the Forbes Library Community Room

20 West St. , Northampton , MA (map)

 Route 91 Exit 18 left turn, slight left at Conz St, left at Main St, left at Route 66, 20 yds to Library on left

When: Each month it’s held on either a weeknight or Saturday afternoon. Check the website of Forbes Library