Seniors, Health & Rehab Centers

An Entertainment Program that’s Fun and Improves Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Health too!

Rejuvenate Your Health Through Laughter!     

Programs available for:

  • Senior Centers

  • Retirement Communities

  • Health & Rehabilitation Centers

  • Assisted Living Facilities

  • Long-Term Care Centers

  • Can be customized for all groups ages 4-104!

*Relieves Stress!         *Improves Mood      * Feel better afterwards!

  • Fosters Positive Connections & good feelings among participants

  • Positively Changes Attitudes, Feelings, & Interactions with Others

  • Light Aerobic Exercise, increases muscle tone & energy level 

       *Promotes Anti-Aging and Rejuvenating Effects     * Helps to Keep Alzheimer’s Away   

 *After just 45 minutes we can leave participants with a glow that can last all day!

  •   Laughter has Many therapeutic benefits that will improve the health & mood of your clients–& your staff!

  •   Customized activities for the needs of seniors & for those with physical limitations

  •   Have fun while boosting the immune system & relieving stress all at the same time!

  •   We’ll play simple, fun, interactive Laughter Games designed to stimulate group laughter and improve health and well-being!  A small investment by participants in “being a little silly together” can reap them big benefits!       

  •   Mark Sherry, M.Ed, M.A, B.A Certified Laughter Leader and Laughter Yoga Instructor will be your facilitator for 40-50 minutes of Fun & Laughter!  Mark’s conducted these programs for 4 yrs & has 15 years experience as a stage performer & entertainer.

Note: This is an interactive program–not a standup comedy show.

Just some of the Benefits of Laughter
(as cited by recent medical research)

  • Reduces Stress: reduces the levels of the stress hormone Cortisol in the blood- which results in lowering high blood pressure and allows your immune system to function better
  • Boosts the IMMUNE SYSTEM by Increasing production of T-Cells & the hormone Immunoglobulin A –which help us fight infections & protect us from serious diseases
  • Releases Endorphins which are the body’s “feel-good” hormones and its natural painkillers
  • Boosts stamina and overall health by increasing the oxygen supply to your cells
  • Can improve sleep/reduce snoring since laughter’s good for the muscles of the soft palate & throat

Offering Laughter programs can be a great asset in attracting new clients to your facility! 

     Mark Sherry, The Laughter Pharmacist      (413) 374-7671  


Pricing available to fit your budget